Disrupt Design

To effect positive change, we design and produce unique and thought provoking experiences that activate people and challenge them to think differently about the ways in which we live in the world. We do this by applying a unique and eclectic approach to design, research, sociology, activation and cultural change. We started the Un-School of Disruptive Design and create tools and resources that activate and inspire others to create positive change.
Disrupt Design has written 2 posts for Environmental Folklore

Paper or plastic? Debunking an environmental myth

Ever wondered if paper was actually better then plastic when it comes to shopping bags? What would make a plastic bag better? How many times can paper be recycled anyway? Find out the answers in this this recent TEDx Sydney talk by Leyla Acaroglu on environmental mythbusting…   Leyla recently gave a follow up TEDtalk … Continue reading

The Myth of Food Miles

Are you a locavore? Eating locally-sourced food is fast becoming the new food trend in Australia, particularly as we swelter in the Southern states from the record temperatures, or clean up after yet another flood in Queensland and Northern NSW. Climate Change is touted as the issue of this century, and everyday consumers are doing … Continue reading

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